Latvian horses for sale

We breed and train our chestnut horses

 Our Latvian horses are light type, suitable for riding and harness, too. They have had good dressage. If you want to have a good horse for sports or pleasure riding, you are welcome!  Farm is located in the northern Latvia. Farm runs 145 hectares of arable land, including 100 hectares of natural pastures for horses only. Average number of horses is approximately 35. 

 Here are three horses for sale at the moment - mare "Kadrija",  gelding "Flash" (don't worry, it's not fire hot, it's silent) and stallion "Klīrenss" - it's peaceful, too. See descriptions , here are additional photos and videos.

 We offer airport shuttle for interests and could help regarding to hotel for stay. 


Horses for sale

New offer, prices reduced! 

KADRIJA - horse for sale (Latvia horses)


Birth date: 05/03/2008 (4 years)
Color: dark chestnut
Breed: Latvian
Sex: Mare
Height: 164
Skills: Riding, easy riding, good communication.
Markings: star, socks.
€ 4000
FLASH - horse for sale (Latvia horses)

Flash (Flašs)

Birth date: 20/07/2007 (5 years)
Color: dark chestnut
Breed:  Latvian
Sex: Gelding
Height: 169
Skills: Riding, easy riding
Markings: socks.
€ 4500
KLĪRENSS - horse for sale (Latvia horses)


Birth date: 10/04/2006 (6 years)
Color: dark chestnut
Breed:  Latvian
Sex: Stallion
Height: 168
Skills: Began of ride training. Bombproof, docile.
Markings: N/A
€ 4000
*All the prices are disputable

Our horses have had good dressage and are suitable for sports and pleasure riding. 



You are kindly welcome to our farm! 


Rīga - Trikāta airport transfer

Airport shuttle and guest-house options available for interests.





The farm is located in the northen Latvia, locality Trikāta.

View Larger map here.
        Trikātas pagasts
        Beverīnas novads
        LV-4731, LATVIA


Sales contact

Phone: +371-29159991

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